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About Oasis Car Wash Systems

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 Oasis i5



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Oasis Eclipse Touchfree Car Wash

Typhoon™ Video

Oasis XP™

Oasis Baywash i5

Oasis MyWash Buy Up Technology

Oasis Dual Side Adjust Demo

Oasis Eclipse w/Lava Wax 2

Oasis Eclipse Dryer w Tire Shine

Oasis Eclipse Testimonials

Ken Schiller testimonial

Oasis Eclipse Fishkill, NY 2012

BayWash i5 by Oasis 2012

Typhoon Washes 2012 Dodge Ram 2x Cab Dually

Typhoon™ vs Vector Rapid Wash®

Typhoon™ vs PDQ® Laserwash® 4000

Oasis XP vs Mark VII Profiler

Typhoon™ vs Accutrac

Oasis XP vs Accutrac