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Presto! Instant Car Wash!

» Posted by on Nov 13, 2014 in New Locations, News

Presto!  Instant Car Wash!

Oasis, along with Genesis Buildings, recently completed their first combination car wash building and equipment installation at an upscale car dealership in Florida. In a matter of two days, the Brumos Mercedes/Lexus Dealership in Jacksonville, Florida converted a bare piece of ground into a finished building that included a fully-functioning Typhoon™ automatic car wash system.

The modular building by Genesis was constructed at their headquarters in Georgia, where the Oasis Typhoon™ car wash equipment was preinstalled. The building was then loaded on two semi trailers and transported to the site.

Upon arrival, cranes were used to first set the wash bay and then the equipment room in place. The building comes complete with preinstalled concrete floor, plumbing and wiring.