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A New Generation of Car Wash


Eclipse: A New Generation of Car Wash

Eclipse is a new eco friendly car wash, it combines the benefits of an in-bay with the advantages of an express tunnel but without the hassles of a conveyor.


If you are interested in maximizing your profits, watch our 2-Minute Movie.

Welcome to a whole new class of car wash – representing a technological advancement and bringing an all new eco-friendly product to the car wash industry.

The Eclipse™ by Oasis is a new generation of car wash in a class all its own. Not just an in-bay automatic, or express tunnel, this revolutionary new product successfully combines the benefits of an in-bay automatic with the advantages of an express tunnel but without the hassles of a conveyor. Every piece of this new system has been specifically engineered to increase owner revenues – to make more money for you!







Eclipse by Oasis has been designed for maximum throughput. Washing and drying at a rate of 40 cars per hour, the Eclipse applies chemical and washes five sides of the vehicle at one time. While one vehicle is being washed, another is drying in a separate drying bay.

Oasis developed the Eclipse to effectively clean more cars per hour than any other equipment on the market today. Its highly efficient chemical delivery system, along with maximum water impingement, provides optimum wash results. To further enhance cleaning, computer controlled on-board rocker panel blasters and underbody wash are included as standard equipment. Better cleaning ensures customer loyalty.

The Eclipse smart technology carefully determines the length and width of each vehicle. This feature allows you, the operator, the versatility to wash anything from the smallest cars to the longest double cab pickups, even duallys. Its great functionality also permits the selection of wash cycles just right for each location. Different geographical locations have different needs to produce clean cars, and every Oasis product offers that flexibility.

When investing in equipment, reliability year after year is of utmost importance. Hydraulically powered, the Eclipse gear drive system is so reliable we offer a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on the drive – a feature unmatched in the industry. The simple design of the Eclipse allows for minimal moving components, which adds to its reliability and longevity. Less downtime equals more profit, year after year.

The Eclipse’s customer-friendly, open design makes it easier to enter and exit the wash bay, increasing throughput and making it more visually appealing. The wall-mounted frame and elevated carriage system help protect the unit from strike damage as well as chemicals and grime.

Every Eclipse system comes with the E co-Wash environmentally friendly package as standard equipment, offering operators the opportunity to further reduce water and utility requirements resulting in even lower operating costs. No conveyor system is necessary for the Eclipse which means it uses less energy to operate and, therefore, provides another eco-friendly feature. Oasis also offers an advanced water reclamation system to conserve water usage and reduce discharge in order to meet standards and regulations in your location.

The Eclipse was specifically designed without a conveyor, allowing for unattended operation 24/7. Less work for the owner, lower labor costs, and eliminating the need for costly repairs makes the Eclipse by Oasis the most cost-effective car wash on the market today.

The unique design of the Eclipse increases throughput by allowing two cars to be washed and dried simultaneously. After the wash cycle is complete, the vehicle measurements are transferred to the fully integrated smart dryer, providing another time and energy-saving feature. Thanks to the independent hydraulic gear drive system, the wash bridge is relieved of the dryer weight, resulting in less wear and maintenance. High volume and velocity air flow from three quiet and efficient turbines running at 3600 rpm insures quick and complete water removal. The Eclipse is fully programmable, allowing the operator to control the number of drying passes.

Oasis offers some great options to enhance your car wash and provide additional revenue streams for you – once again increasing your profit.

Allow your customers to choose which type of wheel cleaning they prefer. Increase your wheel cleaning revenue in less time with this online system available in friction and touchfree options. The wheel brush cleans the tires and all wheel surfaces when the friction option is chosen. For those customers who prefer touchfree, you can also offer that choice, improving tire and wheel quality, again adding to your revenue and satisfying another customer.

Tire shine is an upgrade your customers can choose to give that freshly-washed, shiny, finished look to their tires. It’s the final touch for particular customers who want their vehicle clean from top to bottom, and the Eclipse makes it as simple as driving out of the bay.

This virtual stop station “reads” the car’s location within the bay while the electronic, or “smart system”, eliminates the need for a positioning device on the floor. This feature makes it easier and faster for customers to drive in and out of the wash bay. Increased throughput means increased profit. It also means satisfied returning customers who have no concerns about lining up the car to hit a floor device.

Customize your car wash with one, two, or three doors. Although doors are not required, they are instrumental in eliminating the wind tunnel effect and keeping overspray from reaching the clean car being dried. In cold climates, doors are helpful in reducing utility costs by retaining heat in the bay. Our unique door design incorporates technologically advanced corrosion-proof materials, making them virtually maintenance free for years to come.



Gives you the functionality of a Tunnel Wash controller by allowing customers to upgrade the wash package they have selected with any additional wash functions they may like to purchase.  The system then places all purchased upgrades in the proper position in the wash cycle.  This allows your customers to have complete customization of their wash.


• Triple Foam Shine
• Two Step Presoak
• Touchfree Wheel & Tire Cleaner
• Bug & Bumper Blasters
• Bug Remover
• High Pressure Detergent
• Low Pressure Wax
• Drying Agent
• Heated Presoak
• Freeze Prevention Package
• Oasiswatch Communication Packages
• Entry Tellers & POS Systems
• MyWash Buy Up System
• LED Instructional Sign Packages
• Lighted Menu Boards
• Floor Mount
• 92” Extended Height Version
• Spot Free Rinse Systems
• Water Reclamation Systems
• Water Softeners
• Vacuums
• Carpet Shampooers
• Fragrance Dispensers
• Bill Changers
• Product Vendors