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BayWash i5

Soft-Touch Hybrid In-Bay Automatic Car Wash

BayWash i5

BayWash i5 is a Soft-Touch Hybrid In-Bay Automatic Car Wash System

BayWash i5 condenses the power of a full scale car wash into a bay-sized footprint allowing you to provide customers with a professional grade wash.


BayWash i5


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Tunnel Clean Technology.  Reliable Equipment.  Consistent Results.  Oasis BayWash i5 Soft-Touch Hybrid In-Bay Automatic condenses the power of a full scale car wash into a bay-sized footprint allowing you to provide customers with a professional grade wash.

BayWash Tunnel Clean Technology means that the i5 soft-touch must deliver the same level of cleaning performance as our touch-free equipment — only with brushes. Anything less and your car wash won’t be able to deliver a consistent wash day in and day out, and customers won’t come back week after week.

It starts with the i5’s 5-brush wash system with swinging wrap coupler that provides complete coverage of every vehicle surface. A 2-step presoak process leverages the same technique used by conveyorized operators to promote water break, improve drying efficiency, and lubricate wash material for safety. The i5’s standard vehicle profiling means that every customer from the largest SUV to the smallest subcompact will leave satisfied, planning their next visit.



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Steel Gearboxes

i5-reliability-1The i5 features sealed nickel plated gearboxes and shafts mounted on vibration dampers to reduce wear and maintenance. All weight is carried by 2 inch double roller bearings for unprecedented reliability.

Electronic Pneumatic Control

i5-reliability-2Air solenoid manifold uses serial communications for precise electronic control. Color coded tubing facilitates diagnostics and repair.

Structural Integrity

i5-reliability-3¼ inch aluminum structure features double supports and channel construction that sheds water for increased corrosion resistance. Double roller bearings on the gantry drive deliver smooth reliable operation.

Stainless Steel Cylinders

i5-reliability-4All air cylinders are stainless steel washdown duty with stainless steel clevis and pins for ultimate reliability and longer lifespan.

VFD Motor Control

i5-reliability-5The VFD allows for independent speed control of all passes while the motor controller provides for voltage, thermal, and current overload protection. Includes dual set-point current monitoring and single twisted pair connection for all communication.
Everyone talks a lot about reliability but few explain what they actually mean. At BayWash it means we over-engineer durability. The structural frame of the i5 is that of a professional grade conveyorized car wash designed to process over a hundred cars per hour. The frame carries a lifetime warranty with a 1 year warranty on parts.

Built in our award winning facility, the BayWash i5 is designed with an open architecture philosophy so that parts such as bearings, motors, and gearboxes are readily available or may be sourced locally. Although we have the inventory and infrastructure to supply nearly every replacement part overnight — with BayWash you’ll always have the ability to source parts locally when you need a part within hours or minutes.


If you’re looking to compete for and create loyal customers, you’ll appreciate the attention to extra service options available with your i5. Cleaning wheels demands a separate application of full-strength cleaner and prolonged contact from specialized high-pressure blasters and both are available on your i5 wash system. Triple-foam, Total-Body Protectant, and even online Tire-Shine are just a few of the extra services you can provide your customers with the BayWash i5.

The i5 Soft-Touch is fully supported through our BayNet system. If something ever goes wrong, you won’t be on your own looking for a solution. The i5 will perform a diagnostic to alert you and your service provider with specific information on the nature of the problem. BayWash has access to a fully stocked warehouse, and typically ships parts the same day. If you have a local technician, he or she may even be able to repair your system immediately thanks to the i5’s open architecture and use of standardized parts.


NewModular frame for easier installation

New Front brush design for faster throughput

New Wash package configurator for better profit control

2-Step Presoak Process

i5-feature-presoakFirst, a high pH detergent quickly loosens road grime, then, a low pH detergent increases shine, promotes water break for more efficient drying, and lubricates material for safety.

Swinging Wrap Coupler

i5-feature-wrapPatented coupler design safely navigates 68inch wrap washers around mirrors and antennas while cleaning front and side surfaces before swinging past the back to double wash contact time.

Neoglide™ Wash Material

i5-feature-neoglideClosed cell foam material, specially designed for BayWash delivers a gentle, trace-free thorough cleaning. Neoglide has a phenomenal brightening effect on painted surfaces.

Touchscreen Interface

i5-feature-screenAn easy to use touchscreen gives you complete access to your i5. Program various wash packages, change cycle times, adjust system settings, and gather performance information through the interface.

5 Brush Cleaning

i5-feature-5brushWith 5 brushes, the i5 produces better wash coverage on vehicles and dramatically increases your throughput.

BayNet 24/7

g2-feature-supportInstall an i5 and get worry-free washing. BayNet monitors your system and offers detailed error reporting in the event of a problem or disruption to the i5’s functions.

Vehicle Profiling

i5-safety-profilingEach vehicle profile is unique and the BayWash i5 knows them all. The ultrasonic transducer allows quick identification and automatic adjustment for an optimal wash. Truck beds are immediately detected and avoided.


Gives you the functionality of a Tunnel Wash controller by allowing customers to upgrade the wash package they have selected with any additional wash functions they may like to purchase. The system then places all purchased upgrades in the proper position in the wash cycle. This allows your customers to have complete customization of their wash.


• Triple Foam Shine
• Touchfree Wheel & Tire Cleaner
• Low Pressure Wax
• Drying Agent
• Heated Presoak
• Oasiswatch Communication Packages
• Entry Tellers & POS Systems
• MyWash Buy Up System
• Bill Changers
• LED Instructional Sign Packages
• Lighted Menu Boards
• Spot Free Rinse Systems
• Water Reclamation Systems
• Water Softeners
• Vacuums
• Carpet Shampooers
• Fragrance Dispensers
• Product Vendors