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Oasis to Purchase BayWash Division of Sonny’s


Tamarac, Florida – June 29,2012 –  SONNY’S, the largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts, and supplies in the world, and Oasis Car Wash Systems, Inc. are proud to announce a new strategic relationship. Oasis will take possession of the assets of the in-bay division of SONNY’S Enterprises, Inc., marketed under the BayWash brand.


“When we made the decision to dedicate all of our focus to supporting conveyorized car wash operators, the side of the industry where we have our roots, there was only one company we spoke with, and that was Oasis” said Paul Fazio, CEO of SONNY’S The Car Wash Factory. “Having gotten to know the Wade brothers over my years in the industry I am very comfortable with this decision. Theirs is a company similar to ours in that they are family operated and understand the importance of customer satisfaction” continued Fazio. Our companies share some distribution now and we will continue to grow those relationships to leverage the offerings of our company’s to better service our client’s needs.


Oasis President Stephen Wade said “Over the last few years we have been asked time and time again if we would consider a friction option with the same speed and reliability that we are known for.    Through this Strategic Alliance with Sonny’s I am proud to announce that we now have that option.  The BayWash line will fit perfectly with our other family of touch-free products like the Eclipse, Typhoon, and XP.  Over the next few months we will work side by side with Sonny’s as we transition the BayWash line into our Midwest production facility.”


“The in-bay automatic market is steadily moving towards friction” commented Mitch Wade, Vice President of Oasis Car Wash Systems. “Clients need chemical efficiency, high-speed throughput, and superior wash quality to succeed, and for the friction market, nothing can touch the BayWash i5 5-Brush machine in delivering exactly that. These decisions don’t happen quickly or easily. We’ve worked hard to put in place the necessary resources to support existing BayWash operators while creating a strategic relationship with SONNY’S that will deliver better value to clients of both companies moving forward” said Wade.


To ensure a seamless transition, Oasis will begin servicing existing BayWash clients over the next few weeks while manufacturing will remain at SONNY’S until later in the year.


About SONNY'S The Car Wash Factory

With full tunnel systems in each of the 50 United States, and equipment in countries worldwide, SONNY’S equipment delivers millions of clean, dry, shiny cars each year, around the globe. The company founder, Sonny Fazio, built his first full-serve car wash in 1949. Today, SONNY’S is a recognized industry leader, awarded as such by the International Car Wash Association. Further building upon the company’s commitment to make car washing easy for its clients, SONNY’S is the parent to four distinct operations to support conveyorized car wash operators; AutoPilot CarWash Control Systems, CarWash College, SONNY’S Car Wash Parts Division, and of course SONNY’S The Car Wash Factory, the largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts, and supplies in the world.


About Oasis Car Wash Systems

Oasis Car Wash Systems was created as a division of Wadler Mfg. Inc., introducing its first car wash, the Adjust-O-Matic, in 1985. This predecessor to today's Typhoon™ was the industry's first fully adjusting, inbay touchless automatic, and set a standard of speed, quality and efficiency held by Oasis' technology to this day. Oasis now makes a new generation of adjustable, high-pressure automatics, built by the same standards of simplicity and dependability set by the Adjust-O-Matic. The Eclipse™, the Typhoon™, and the XP™ each operate in a different method in order to suit the needs of small town car washes to the busiest high-volume locations.  Other Oasis products include the "Cadillac of self-service equipment," the Jetstream™, and the Adapt™ powerful, customizable drying system.